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Can I Fit a Roof Tent to My Car?

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Jun. 21, 2024
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Most likely, yes! The rule of thumb is if you can fit roof bars or a roof rack to your car then you can mount a roof tent to your vehicle. Check your vehicle’s roof or roof bar’s maximum weight limit and the weight of the roof tent. But most vehicle roofs will hold a roof tent plus a couple of adults with ease.


Read on to find more about roof loads and the difference between dynamic and static weight.


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Where Can I Get Roof Bars?

You can pick up roof bars or a roof rack for your vehicle from various places. The most well-known reseller in the China is Sunday and we offer a service to fit them as well.


What are the weight limits for a vehicle roof?

Concerns may arise regarding the impact of occupants in a roof tent on the weight capacity of your vehicle's roof. Rest assured that our roof tents are designed to operate within the safety parameters of your vehicle.


It's important to note that the roof tent does not directly attach or contact the vehicle's roof surface. Instead, it secures to the roof bars, which are affixed to the steel frame of your vehicle, bypassing the flat roof.


To determine the maximum load limit for your vehicle, consult your car's manual. However, this weight limit likely pertains to dynamic weight capacity rather than static weight capacity.


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Dynamic & Static Roof Loads Explained

Understanding the distinction between dynamic and static loads is crucial for assessing the weight limits on your vehicle's roof. A dynamic load pertains to the moving weight limit, while a static load refers to the stationary weight limit of the vehicle.


Interestingly, a vehicle's roof is engineered to withstand significantly heavier static loads compared to dynamic loads. This is achieved through the robust construction of the roof frame/arch, designed to enhance safety in the event of a rollover accident.


When a vehicle is in motion, various forces such as lateral forces during turns, acceleration, and braking come into play, potentially making the vehicle unstable. It is essential to be mindful of these dynamic loads to ensure safe and stable driving conditions.


Strength of Vehicle Roofs

When a vehicle is stationary, it encounters only a downward force, directed straight into the steel frame or arches of the vehicle. The robust construction of vehicle roofs is designed to withstand this force, offering protection to passengers during accidents and preventing deformation from uneven surfaces or the impact of swiftly moving objects.


In summary, your vehicle's roof is fully equipped to support the weight of a roof tent along with two or three adults when the vehicle is not in motion.


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