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Welcome: shenzhen highlywell electric co.,ltd.
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About us

Shenzhen hanyuwei Electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that has produced and sold electronic and electrical switches for more than 20 years, and acts as an agent for the electronic and electrical switches of well-known imported brands such as Japan Hequan Idec, Taiwan Xinjin SCI, Taiwan handing auspicious, Taiwan Haili high, Taiwan Tiande ten, etc! The products are imported with original packaging and quality assurance. Some products are sold in stock. Welcome customers who need to call us for advice.
Shenzhen hanyuwei Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2006 and located in the north of Shenzhen with convenient transportation, is an enterprise specializing in acting as the agent of Taiwan's top electronic and electrical switches, key switches, microswitches, touch switches, indicator lights, fuse holders, terminal blocks, and various industrial control components.
Our main brands are:
[Japan Hequan Idec]: switch, relay.
[Taiwan Haili high]: all models of travel switches, ship switches, microswitches, illuminated button switches and other products.
[Taiwan's new SCI]: switches, fuse holders, indicator lights, automotive switches, and other electronic components.
[Taiwan Tiande send]: switches, warning lights, fuse holders, terminal blocks, etc.
[Taiwan Xinghan sh]: small button switch, etc.
[Taiwan Progressive Association deca]: Φ 16 button switch and small terminal block.
[Taiwan handing auspisious]: Crane switches, button switches, and various industrial control switches.
[Taiwan Quansheng adteak]: industrial control instruments.
[dailywell, Taiwan]: small button switch, IP67 waterproof button switch, etc.
[Taiwan mark]: terminal strip, power switch, button switch products.
[Taiwan ima EMA]: button switches, lights, tricolor lights and other products.
The brand products we are acting for have passed the international quality system and obtained UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CE, CCC and other multinational safety certifications. The products are sold well all over the world and have the highest market share in the high-end market in the field of electronic and electrical switches at present.
We have a professional R &amp; D team, which can provide customers with integrated solutions for product development and design. "Provide customers with high-quality products, good prices and satisfactory services." Is our consistent purpose.
We take integrity management as the concept, and constantly improve the cost-effective products for new and old customers. We believe that our products and services will enable both parties to win the future!
And create a relatively rapid research and development mechanism. In the future, hanyuwei will move towards the direction of [internationalization], [specialization] and [diversification], stride internationally with a macro vision, lead product quality with professional ability, face market challenges with diversified ideas, and actively improve the image of international brands to become your trusted partner!


Contact: Mr. Kuang

Phone: 13502882919

Tel: 4000600457

Email: highlywell@126com

Add: No. 707, building a, Nanxian Commercial Plaza, Meilong Road, Minzhi street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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